The Best Make Up Ever!


This is so exciting! A makeup line that is non-toxic and feels like nothing on your face!


I am obsessed with eliminating toxic chemicals wherever I am. People hate it. I’m horrible at showing the loving side and wayyy better at showing the “I’m super crazy” side. ha.

I have a confession.

Although I know how toxic makeup is, I wear it anyway. I am NOT a “makeup person”. I literally know how to apply blush, mascara eyeliner and lipstick, though I’m not that great at it. If you know me, you know that I’m a little nutty about my toxin-free products. One thing that really bothers me is every time I put lipstick on it looks like I have ringworm on my lips. I know, GROSS! It’s so embarrassing because my lips become so chapped especially around the border.  My eyelids tend to swell after just applying eyeliner. FORGET mascara! After about an hour I look like a racoon because I rub my eyes so much!  I have to be so careful about what I put on my face because I blow up like a pufferfish! I have the most sensitive skin and it really stinks. It’s so bad that my hands are sensitive to just touching city water.

So back to my makeup routine… I bought some mineral makeup from this other company thinking it would be “better”… I should have known. My eyes swell when I wear it. ugh… I bought this amazing $3 mascara from K-Mart. They were going out of business and I thought I would give this cheap stuff a try. Well, so far so good. It has not broken out my skin or irritated my eyes… The bad thing is my bottle has had all the writing rubbed off and I cannot remember anything about the packaging…
The super fantastic thing is Young Living just launched their Savvy Minerals line! I’m stoked because I trust Young Living to only use the best quality ingredients. I know this is going to work for me. Yay! I am so excited that Young Living has finally released their mascara! No more searching for junk mascara! YAY!!

I will tell you that despite my sensitivities, I have had no reaction to this makeup. I’ve been wearing it for about three months so far with no breakouts! Yay! I’m happy to report that my skin even looks a little more clear!

I’m not going to go into super detail about each product on this page; however, I am going to show you what is available so far. I’ll do my best to keep this list updated!











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