Premium Starter Kit

The premium starter kit is a great way to begin your oiling journey!

People often say to me — “I don’t know anything about that oil stuff”.  Well, let me tell you, my essential 7 kit stayed in the box for several weeks until I was even brave enough to sniff a bottle! I had no clue what I was doing. I couldn’t even tell you what lavender uses were at that point! I mean, yeah, it smelled great -and a few drops in my wax melt warmer made my house smell great, but that was about the extent of my knowledge. After doing research online and reading blog after blog I decided I needed a Premium Starter Kit! Boy, I’m so glad I purchased this kit! Click the picture below to get started!


Why Young Living?

It is important to do your research before selecting an oil company. Some oils have added chemicals and are NOT pure. Be suspicious of the word “Pure” and “Therapeutic” — they are simply marketing terms and have nothing to do with the actual product.  I chose Young Living because they have the Seed to Seal® guarantee and are attempting to set the standard for oils. Click here to read more about the Seed to Seal® guarantee. I am proud to represent this company because I know they take pride in producing quality essential oils that are safe for personal use.

What’s Included in the Premium Starter Kit:

I highly recommend starting by purchasing a premium starter kit from Young Living. Not only will you get 11 amazing oils to begin your oiling journey but you will also receive a diffuser. The Premium starter kit is $160 but is totally worth the money. You also get NingXia Red samples,  some 2ml bottles – Perfect for on the go!, samples of select oils (which you will need when your friends start asking questions), and some great literature. Since June, the Premium Starter Kit has been updated with your choice of diffuser which is great if you want a better diffuser but don’t want to purchase it in addition to your starter kit!

The best part about the premium starter kit is you will get the wholesale member pricing which can save you hundreds, if not thousands, on your future purchases. If you sign up for Essential Rewards you will get additional benefits including points to use like cash on your future purchases and additional FREE Products!

Why Signup With Me?

I am dedicated to supporting anyone who signs up with me. I can’t tell you how or what to use your oils for, but I can give you every resource I can think of! Essential oils are easy to understand once gain access to resources. Signup with me and you will become a member of Oil Moxie, a site dedicated to essential oil education as well as business support! When you see results from your first oil experience you will be hooked! — I was! oil moxie sidebar

Here is some more info about the Premium Starter Kit oils!

Copaiba-Vitality Digize-Vitality Frankincense Lavender Lemon-Vitality Panaway Peppermint-Vitality Purification RC Thieves-Vitality Stress-Away