All About Young Living Essential Rewards!

There is a great program Young Living offers called Essential Rewards. I love this program and have participated since signing up. This program is OPTIONAL but I highly recommend it!

Fantastic Benefits Including FREE PRODUCT Credits!

Essential Rewards (ER) is Young Living’s monthly autoship program. There is no cost to sign up for this program, and your order must be at least 50PV each month (50PV usually equates to $50 before tax and shipping). ER is not required, but it does have some really great benefits:

1. Earn free product credits on all your ER orders – 10% back during months 1-3, 20% back during months 4-24, and 25% back after 24 months. I’ve gotten LOTS of free product this way. 🙂
2. Less expensive shipping
3. Some ER kits are available that are not in the regular catalog, at even more discounted rates (the Thieves ER kit is an example)
4. Free gifts from Young Living at 3,6, and 9 months, and a bottle of ‘Loyalty’ at 1 year!

You can change your order every month (and should, depending on what you need!), it just needs to be changed by midnight on your ER date and has to be at least 50PV. So for instance, my date is the 2nd, so I always make sure my order looks how I want by midnight on the 2nd of each month.

Cancel Anytime

You can cancel ER at any time, but you do need to call in/live chat to cancel. Simply emptying out the items in the ER order WILL NOT cancel your autoship! They will just send you what you ordered the previous month!

When Should You Sign Up?

When you get to the point where you are ordering regularly and/or replacing products, you should really consider signing up for Essential Rewards. If you are ordering at least $50 worth of products a month and aren’t on ER, you are missing out on earning FREE PRODUCT!

How to Sign Up

You must have a wholesale account/be a distributor (not a customer) to sign up for Essential Rewards. If you don’t have a wholesale account yet, you can sign up here. When you’re in your Virtual Office, simply click the ‘Essential Rewards’ link on the left. Below is a video showing how to sign up and manage your order.

How to Redeem Your Essential Rewards Points

To redeem your Essential Rewards points for free product, you can do it from your Virtual Office.  Your points are evenly exchanged for the PV of an item.  The only thing you will need to pay is shipping!  Below is a video showing you how to redeem your Essential Rewards points.