How Young Living Can Give You Energy


Lately, I’ve been feeling rundown. I’m 26 weeks pregnant and I’m finding myself tired all the time (Hence the lack of blogging). I’ve been searching for methods and ways to improve energy safely. I love my morning cup of joe, but my husband is on me like a hound every time I reach for a cup.  If you’re like most people you are using soda, coffee, or energy drinks loaded with sugar to get your daily energy.  Most of the people using those methods know they are not good, but feel that they have no other method of choice for energy boosting. I’m here to tell you that there is a better way! Young living offers several products that can help you achieve that alertness you are looking for without all the harmful side effects. Follow me as I cover many ways Young Living can give you energy to gain that extra bit of alertness you crave! More posts on energy to come!

Let’s talk a little about nutrition

Sure, a balanced diet filled will tons of good stuff is the key, but in our fast paced world, who has time for all that? It’s so easy to go through the drive thru for dinner, order pizza, or go out to your favorite restaurant. While I’m not opposed to eating out entirely, the truth is most americans do eat out daily. These food chains are not worried about you getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients in your 3 meals a day! -Insert Supplements!

B Vitamins

The B vitamins are essential to a dynamic and energetic long life, on the contrary, you can get serious health problems if you lack them. B vitamins are easily lost from the body, and people on diets, alcoholics or those who take antibiotics or seizure drugs are even more prone to having vitamin B deficiency. The typical American diet high in processed, cooked and microwavable food gives us only a segment of the B-vitamins we need for good health. This is where a good B-Complex comes in!

Meet Young Living Super B Tablets!

Super B™ is a comprehensive vitamin complex containing eight essential and energy-boosting B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12. The complete B-vitamin profile in Super B not only assists in maintaining healthy energy levels, but it also supports the nervous system, aids in maintaining normal cardiovascular function, and helps with internal enzyme reactions.* With the new addition of B5, Super B now also assists with mood support. Because deficiencies usually include more than one B-vitamin, and because the B-vitamins work best as a team, you should take a B-complex supplement along with any single B-vitamin in order to achieve their synergistic effects.
It is important to acquire all eight B vitamins because they work together as a team. This is what keep your body functioning normally and provide you with the energy you need to conduct your daily activities.

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Here is more information about the 8 B’s:

B1-Thiamin: Thiamin is necessary for adrenal gland function, proper immune performance and the synthesis of neurotransmitters. It also plays a role in the metabolism of food and alcohol. The RDA for thiamin is very low and does not consider increased thiamin requirements that result from an unhealthy lifestyle, old age or disease. For more information on Thiamin Click Here!
B2-Ribofiavin: Riboflavin is required for energy production and oxygen utilization. For more information on Riboflavin Click Here!
B3-Niacin: is also necessary for the body’s production of energy. For more information on Niacin Click Here!
B5-Pantothenic Acid: is obligatory for energy production. It is also required for proper immune function and adrenal stress hormone production. It is sometimes referred to as the “anti-stress” vitamin. For more information on Pantothenic Acid Click Here!
B6-Pyridoxine and B9- Folic Acid: work together to regulate the levels of homocysteine, a byproduct of protein breakdown that damages arteries and makes them prone to cholesterol deposits. For more info on B6 Click Here!
Folic acid is especially important for women of childbearing age, as deficiencies of this nutrient have been linked with birth defects. Women on birth control pills, pregnant women, all women of childbearing age, as well as alcoholics, heart disease patients and people taking antibiotics should make sure they take between 400-800 mcg of folic acid per day. For more information on Folic Acid Click Here!
B7- Biotin: Biotin is needed for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which are used as energy in our body. For more information on Biotin Click Here!
B12-Methylcobalamin: is required for normal gene function, energy production, the formation of blood cells and proper immunity. For more information on B12 Click Here!

*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimer here.

6 Essential Oils You Need for 2016

6 must have oils for 2016

I love beginning new. A new year is a chance to start fresh, leave the past behind and have something to look forward to. I have my New Year Resolution and I plan to begin today! I want to set the foundation for my families financial freedom. I began my research on how to achieve my goal and keep me on track all year long. Here is what I found: 6 essential oils blends to use everyday to help achieve my 2016 resolution.

Abundance Essential Oil Blend

Have you ever known someone that seems to attract good things. They are always achieving their goals and seem to have everything just handed to them. Maybe they are using Abundance essential oil blend to help them. Abundance is said to enhance the magnetic energy and to create the law of attraction through the magnetic field around us, to enhance our thoughts by electrical stimulation and to put out a frequency charge of prosperity and abundance. This blend may attract riches to one’s self.

How to Use Abundance: 

Wear on your wrists, behind ears, and on the neck and face. If you have sensitive skin, dilute first. This may be worn as a perfume or cologne. Place it in your checkbook, car wallet or purse. Also can be used in a car diffuser or a USB diffuser near your computer.

Abundance contains 7 essential oils.

Orange- Can bring peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart. Frankincense- Promotes a positive attitude. Clove- Creates a feeling of protection and courage. Ginger- Warming, uplifting and empowering. Myrrh- A true gift. Whenever our heart and mind are open to receive the gifts they will be given. Cinnamon Bark- Powerful purifier. Enhances the action and activity of other oils. May bring feelings of joy. Spruce- grounds the body, creating the balance and the opening necessary to receive and give. May also help relieve emotional blocks.


Build Your Dream Essential Oil Blend

So you know what you want but do you know how to get it? Maybe try Build Your Dream Essential Oil Blend.  This blend contains unique oils that may help promote positive feelings of outward energy and focus to help you move forward in achieving your dreams.

How to Use Build Your Dream:

This blend can be used aromatically or applied topically. Dilute with V-6 oil or another carrier oil and apply 1-2 drops on desired location. Diffuse or inhale the aroma as needed.

Build Your Dream contains 19 essential oils.

Lavender– May help promote consciousness, health, love, peace and a general sense of well-being. Ylang Ylang– Balances both male and female energies. May bring feelings of self-love, confidence, joy and peace. Blue Cypress– May help stimulate the brain. Sacred Frankincense– Helps combat “the blues” and mental fatigue. Hong Kuia-calming, enhances mental clarity and focus.  Melissa– calming and uplifting, may help balance emotions and instill a positive outlook on life. Idaho Blue Spruce– Grounding and balancing. Balsam Fir– Grounding, balancing and anchoring creating a feeling of empowerment. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood– Calms, balances, harmonizes the emotions and can help enhance meditation.  Coriander– Relaxing. Mandarin– Refreshing, uplifting, and revitalizing. Black Pepper– Comforting and stimulating. Bergamot– Opens the heart chakra and radiates love and energy. Frankincense– Helps increase spiritual awareness and enhance meditation. Juniper– Evokes feelings of health, love and peace. Anise– Supports the hormonal system. Blue Tansy– Support the nervous system. Geranium– Balances the emotions and lifts the spirit. Blue Lotus– Traditionally used to create feelings of euphoria, excitement, and energy.


En-R-Gee Essential Oil Blend

In order to achieve your goals you have to have energy! En-R-Gee Essential Oil Blend  is said to improve ones energy naturally without over stimulating. It may also help improve mental alertness.  This makes a perfect choice to add to my goal reaching collection.

How to Use En-R-Gee:

This blend works best when applied to the wrists, and behind and on the ears. Never put essential oils in the ear canal. This blend may be massaged across the base of the neck and the temples. You may also find it helpful to rub it on your feet in the morning for a productive day. You can use this oil for a full body massage by diluting with V-6 oil.  You can wear this blend as a perfume or cologne to enjoy all day long.

En-R-Gee Contains 7 Essential Oils. 

Rosemary Cineol– Balances heart function, energizes the solar plexus, and reduces mental fatigue. Juniper– Cleansing and detoxifying. Lemongrass– May help uplift the spirit. Nutmeg– Can increase energy.  Balsam Fir– helps relieve tired muscles and joints. Clove– Stimulates memory and creates a feeling of protection and courage. Black Pepper– May help increase energy.


Into the Future Essential Oil Blend

letting the past go is sometimes challenging. There are so many things in our past that can hold us back from achieving our resolutions. If you want to let the past go and move forward into the future with vision and excitement you may want to try Into the Future Essential Oil Blend.  This blend is invigorating and uplifting. So many times we find ourselves settling for mediocrity and sacrificing our own potential and success because of the fear of the unknown of what the future may or may not hold. This blend was formulated to support the emotions in helping us create the feeling of moving  forward and not being afraid to let determination shine. Living on the edge with tenacity and integrity brings the excitement of challenge and the joy of success.

How to use Into the Future:

Diffuse to lift the spirit and stabilize the emotions making it easier for you to realize your own potential. Put in your bath water but be sure to use a gel base or Epsom salts. Apply topically on your wrists, neck, or over the heart. Use as a compress or add to V-6 for a full body massage.

Into the future contains 9 essential oils.

Clary Sage– Calms and enhances the dream state. May bring on feelings of euphoria. Ylang Ylang– Helps with focusing your thoughts. May bring feelings of self-love, confidence, joy, and peace. White Fir– Creates a feeling of grounding and empowerment. Stimulates the mind while allowing the body to relax. Idaho Tansy– Immune support. Juniper– Detoxifying, cleansing, stimulant. Jasmine– Uplifting to the emotions; may produce feelings of confidence, energy, euphoria and optimism. Frankincense– Enhances spiritual awareness. Orange– Brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart. Cedarwood– Traditionally used by North American Indians to enhance their potential for spiritual communication. 


Transformation Essential Oil Blend

Change is hard. Most of us do not like change. I don’t know about you, but I find change a little difficult. When you do something one way for a long time it is difficult to retrain yourself to do it differently.  Most new years resolutions have something to do with change.  No one ever said “I want to do exactly what I did last year because that was working for me.”  You want to change something and that’s why we get halfway through the year and go back to our old ways. Transformation Essential Oil Blend is powerfully stimulating to the conscious mind, allowing for the support necessary to make changes, especially mentally and emotional changes.

How to use Transformation:

When diffused or worn as a perfume, this blend stimulates one’s mind and strengthen one’s resolve when dealing with difficult decisions specifically when related to a change in attitude or a change in one’s belief system.  You may also apply to the forehead (third eye chakra) and over the heart, helping to unite the heart and mind.

Transformation contains 9 essential oils.

Lemon– Promotes health, healing, physical energy, and purification. Peppermint– Purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind. Clary Sage– May calm and enhance dream state.  Sandalwood– Helps to improve one’s attitude. Idaho Blue Spruce– Grounds the body creating the balance necessary to receive and give. Sacred Frankincense– Promotes a positive attitude. Cardamom– Uplifting, refreshing, and invigorating. May help clear confusion. Palo Santo– Calming, soothing aroma with a powerful energy. May increase spiritual awareness and focus meditation while clearing the space of negative energy. Ocotea– Has wonderful cleansing properties.


Envision Essential Oil Blend

Sometimes our emotions block out our dreams. Are you scared to succeed? There are so many obstacles we have to overcome. Maybe your new years resolution is to lose a few pounds but you just can’t see yourself at the gym. Maybe this is your year to quit smoking. How are you going to overcome being around all your co-workers when they all smoke. Overcoming our feelings is a big part of achieving our goals. Envision essential oil blend supports and balances the emotions allowing us to have faith in the future toward achieving our dreams and goals. This blend was specifically designed to expel negative emotions, elevate the mind, balance, power, and propel you forward to achieve your desired goals. Use Envision to help you get past the emotion of your goals. Yes, it will be hard but you can do it. Just Envision yourself where you want to be!

How to use Envision: 

Apply envision to vita flex points on your feet and or on the area directly of concern. You can also diffuse Envision or apply it to your wrists and/or temples. A great way to use this oil is by adding it to bath water. I do this by putting one cup of Epsom salt in a mason jar and add a few drops of oil. Put the lid on and shake. Dump the entire jar into your bath water and enjoy. Follow your relaxing bath with a massage using V-6 oil and envision.

Envision contains 6 essential oils. 

Spruce– Grounds the body. Geranium– Opens up the liver chakra. Orange– Brings peace and happiness to the mind and body and joy to the heart. Lavender– Balancing. This oil works where it is needed. Sage– Brings balance to both male and female energies. Rose– Is said to bring balance and harmony to the body. It is thought to produce a magnetic energy that attracts love and enhances self-love, bringing joy to the heart. 


I really hope you enjoyed my post today. I am going to be blogging more on the topic of resolutions. The time is now! This is our year!

Happy Oiling!





*Disclaimer: The information on this website is based upon my research and personal use of Young Living Essential Oils. I am not a doctor. Statements, products, and techniques mentioned have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Read the full disclaimer here.